Why Regency?

THE “SALON-PONTOON” BOAT for lakes & rivers

Discover the incredible space and comfort of a real apartment living room on the water! An original concept made in the USA which is arousing growing interest in France!

Born in the United States, more than forty years ago, THE “SALON-PONTOON” BOAT represents 1 boat out of 2 sold on the American market.
This type of boat is a new concept in France and is perfect for customers looking for the comfort and pleasure of a “real living room floating on the water”. In France, where the demand for quality, spacious and easily convertible pontoon is on the rise. Perfectly suited to the French rivers and lakes, they are designed in aluminum (2 or 3 floats all pressure tested and multi-compartment for maximum safety) with a metallic platform and can be equipped with either thermic outboard or electric engines.
The emphasis is on the volume and layout of the platform: ‘super soft seats, wide benches, sofas, refrigerators, fishing equipment, bathroom. Bimini-type canvases provide sun protection over the entire length.
Thanks to their shallow draft, they allow access to many nice shallow places while ensuring great stability.
Easy to transport, they come with a solid level of protection for storage or wintering.


The CSB Marine team is at your disposal to show you our “SALON-PONTOON” boats and to calibrate your needs through 3 possible ranges:


The SMARTLINER range is ideal for starting this type of activity. It consists of 2 well-equipped models, easily transportable and priced at entry, competitive levels. They will appeal to families looking for great space and comfort and will be very popular with professional rental companies.


The SUN TRACKER range (No1 in the USA) offers the most varied range on the market. No less than 16 models to have your living room on the water adapted to your needs (fishing, river trips, water sports) with a wide choice of layout.


The Super Premium RANGER & REGENCY ranges bring you into the very best in “Salon-Ponton” on the world market. High Performance, exceptional manufacturing quality and attention to detail, excellent general comfort on board are the key points to spend an unforgettable day on this top-of-the-range floating lounge terrace.
They can take up to 15 people!