Why Regal?

The REGAL name is a huge legend in the USA. Designed and assembled near Orlando in Florida where one counts as many boats as homes, and where proximity with the sea and a warm climate make it a paradise and therefore a leisure boat ‘must have’ for the locals. Nothing better to inspire our dream boats designers. The REGAL boats are built in state-of-the-art factories where top quality craftmanship and leading technical know-how have built phenomenal fame for this American family business for 50 years in the USA but also around the world.


Hulls come with a life guarantee

We are so sure of the quality construction of our hulls that we offer a life time guarantee, a unique feature on the market for this kind of boats.

« Fastrack » Hull, an exclusive innovation providing unrivalled efficiency & speed

The patented and award winning shape & design of our deep V hulls dramatically increases the boat performance and sailing confort even in choppy conditions, thanks to the formation of a real “air cushion” under the hull providing, significantly reducing drag and friction, and resulting in an unprecedented +26% faster cruise speeds against – 30% fuel consumption compared with similar boats.


Patented mobile Roll Bar

A very robust high quality Roll Bar that is easy to fold down and lift up, enables an easier storage of the boat, as well as going under low bridges if required. It also serves to carry the sun protecting biminis with amazing built-in loudspeakers and lighting system.

Manufacturing quality

The REGAL brand is No.1 in the USA. The REGAL boats are entirely designed and built in Orlando, Florida. The shipyards are a world reference. They pay the utmost attention to the quality of the materials used, to the adjusting precision of the components, and to the reliability and endurance of the equipments. The boats are crafted by hand, piece by piece.
We build ca. 2000 of them every year.

Upholstery beyond market standards comes with 5 year garantee

  • – Colour fading free
  • – No shape memory
  • – Anti UV
  • – Anti mold
  • – Salt & Sand abrasion resistant

Built-in Electronics

The REGAL dashboard is equipped with an exclusive and high performing sailing system. You cruise in full serenity.

Specifics (24 models from 6 – 16m)

  • • Manufacturing quality above market norms /unrivalled. For example, our Inox are of 316 quality, the most durable Inox in use in the boat Industry
  • • Exquisite Design
  • • Windscreen frame in full Inox from the 2250 model: more robust and enduring than competition (most close competitors use aluminium instead). It also gives real class to the product.
  • • Every piece is unique as it gets built ‘on demand’ for every customer (upholstery, engine configuration, colour, materials, dashboard, etc..)
  • • The Hull colour can be customised (54 possibilities) – we only offer mass tinted colours (no sticker edging) hence greater longevity against sea water natural abrasion.
  • • ISO norms (guarantee of quality)
  • • Many awards of excellence « JD POWER » : 19 in total from the Industry over the last 7 years (1 for every built model), award winning 3 years in a row with the “customer Satisfaction” Prize.

Comprehensive list of Warranties

Life Warranty (on top of the hull’s one)
Dasboard Faria counters and indicators
Support d’instruments du tableau de bord

10 year Warranty

5 year Warranty
Hull structure for the second owner
Any hull osmosis risk
TACO deck link vinyl seal bridge – hull
External upholstery against UV
MARINE AIR Air conditioning

3 year Warranty
ATWOOD Bilge blower
Radio stéréo FUSION MARINE
FUSION MARINE sound system

2 year Warranty
KOHLER generators (optional +1 year extra)
GARMIN electronic instruments

Engine Warranty
MERCRUISER : directly supported by the manufacturer rep office of the chosen delivery country (note: 2 years in France; or 2+3 years if maintenance has been carried out in conformity)
VOLVO PENTA : directly supported by the manufacturer rep office of the chosen delivery country (note: 5 years in France)
YAMAHA : directly supported by the manufacturer rep office of the chosen delivery country (note: 2 years in France)