Why Galeon?

True luxury yachts with exquisite designs and features, our boats are crafted piece by piece in the large GALEON shipyards of Gdansk on the Baltic sea. The famous Tony Castro’s team (also known for his contribution to some of the finest Italian car design) is behind the boats exceptional Design and conception. Technology is sourced from the very best international names in the Industry (Ray marine, Fusion, Volvo Penta, Yamaha etc).
This very innovative shipyard is increasingly cutting through the French market thanks to its innovations ahead of its time.


Every year the brand gets more awareness. Let’s list a few reasons as why:

  • – The boat freeboards at the rear can be fully opened when deployed they enable an amazing increase of the boat aft deck superficy by 30% with direct access to the rear bar and kitchen
  • – Hydraulic aft platform 2x more performing against similar boat size
  • – Initiator of the very large lateral windows and immense skylights in one single piece on this type of boats
  • – Ingenuity of interior fittings
  • – Sound system and light ambiance amongst the very best amongst its peers
  • – Direct access to the front deck through the windscreen on larger boats

The hull is crafted like the great 20m yachts, whatever the size of the boat

Our hulls are built on traditional wooden frames with very strong floors and stringers. This gives unrivalled, exceptional rigidity to the upper hull and deck (whereas most competitors use hull thermoforming – less expensive and less qualitative), guaranteeing an exceptional boat longevity. And an extraordinary shock resistance too.

The result : the boat is less sensitive to choppy waters, doesn’t vibrate, ages better, and is ultimately more secure.


An extraordinary inside and outside visibility well above industry standards, all around the boat

On an equal size basis, the GALEON boats offer the greatest visibility on the market, with exceptional large windows made of one single piece, only made possible thanks to the exceptional boat rigidity, for more pleasure. It feels extremely spacious evrywhere (space is in fine the true luxury on a boat). This allows to easily stand up everywhere, even on the smaller boat sizes. And to add either a 3rd cabin or a 2nd bathroom as from the 36 feet boat size.

One truly enjoys the feeling of staying at a 5 star hotel and this right from the smallest boat size !

An exquisite finishing, and high quality components, worthy of luxury yachts

A simple visit on our boats can easily demonstrate it: the quality of materials, the fine finishing everywhere and up to deep down the cupboards, everything is hand crafted, using the best existing materials. This is unique to the market compared with boats of similar sizes. No or little plastic inside that is molded.

There are up to 30 possible combinations of fabrics, surface and wood.

Specifics (30 models from 7-25m)

  • • No.1 in Europe for the 10-25m range and No.1 of the foreign brands sold in France for the 10-20m range
  • • Everything is crafted and assembled on the 2 Galeon shipyards in Poland, including the Inox!
  • • Quality and finishing of the ‘Yacht’ standard on the full boat range
  • • Visibility and skylights above the market for similar sizes
  • • Large range of Open, Hard-Top, Flybridge as well as the Skydeck and HTC concepts


2 year guarantee
Hull and boat structure

3 year guarantee