Why Joker pneumatic semi rigid?

This exceptional Italian brand has made semi-rigid for 40 years. Joker is a legendary boat, designed and equipped with features and finishing above market standards. From the start, JOKER has designed and crafted its own floats (and is therefore not a ‘mere assembling place’ like many competitors). The fabric/rubber material they use is called Hypalon, a material that is extremely resistant to natural abrasion, UV et salty water (in use with the Armed forces). The hull and floats shape and its finishing allow pretty smooth cruise speeds even in choppy waters.


  • • Floats designed, crafted and assembled by Joker Boats itself in Italy
  • • Counter mold bridges in one block in gel coat (no apparent screws), a sign of extreme robustness; also to avoid potential water infiltrations
  • • Inox made inflation valves (most competitors only provide plastic valves)
  • • Large choice of colours for the Neoprene hull, upholstery and fabrics, without additional cost
  • • Plain teak wood


2 year warranty
Boat/hull structure

3 year warranty
YAMAHA engines