They are talking about us

We do publish on a regular basis spontaneous statements from our customers with regard to how they have experienced  the services of CSB marine or how they feel and appreciate their boats, and what has struck them most.

Here below are their authentic testimonials…

Guillemets Owner of a 2004 Bayliner 245 SB, a pretty boat, CSB MARINE has exchanged the crane set & water pump in the bathroom, the water heater and done the engine maintenance.

The original engine runs like clockwork, I have even been given a more performing propeller that reduces gas consumption…Very satisfied with the advises from Thomas and Vincent Grenet, of my appointment on the water for my first boat test with as a bonus more useful tips, and we haven’t been left alone on the lake during our first days.

The technicians and the accountant form a competent team always genuinely listening to customer needs, it is also reassuring to have them close to where I navigate…

Happy with my purchase, I enjoy navigating on the Dienville lake gifted by its wonderful location along with a very helpful port headmaster.

A big thanks to the CSB MARINE Team. Guillemets


Guillemets I have started by renting boats with CSB MARINE. I bought my first boat (a Bayliner 175) in 2015 that allowed me to taste the true pleasure of coastal navigation. As a discerning person, I appreciate high quality products hence why I went for a REGAL 1900 (No.1 in the USA) for her excellent behaviour at sea (thanks to the famous ‘Fastrack’ hull); high quality finishings and exceptional comfort. Later I then upgraded and went for the REGAL 24 ‘Fastdeck’ model to enjoy more space and comfort on board.

I am especially satisfied with the quality advise and service provided by the CSB MARINE team. They have – e.g. – managed to successfully exchange a propeller during the 15th August weekend which has allowed to rescue my weekend. They are always available and responsive. It is a true pleasure to navigate and work with CSB MARINE!! Guillemets


Guillemets I have bought my very first boat from CSB MARINE in 2010 and thereafter my 2nd and my 3rd. I am very satisfied with the first class service provided by that company. An expert, hard-working team that is always available for purchases, maintenance and especially fast intervening when the boat needs urgent repair. Guillemets

H.R, general practitioner

Guillemets My deepest thanks to CSB Marine for this new superb Galeon 400 Fly boat delivery and the high level of preparation as well as the advise you gave us to make the right boat choice. We are 100% satisfied and our 1st mini cruise to St Tropez has demonstrated the true potential and pleasure of this Galeon 400 Fly. We had a sea of oil on the outbound trip and a rough sea with strong winds and contrary waves on the return trip, and the navigation remained very secure and pleasant all along.
Cherry on the cake, we haven't met any real problem during these first 7 hours of navigation with the boat equipment hence a special thanks to the team who prepped up the boat prior our departure. Guillemets